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Project leader, process leader, entrepreneur, artist & tinkerer.

  • Björn W Nauclér
  • February 09, 1982
  • Grisslehamnsvägen 648, 764 56 Grisslehamn, SE
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Projects; a small selection

  • Change Course2019-current

    Väddö, Sweden

    Developing and managing the 1-2 years long folk high school program Change Course. This includes everything from syllabus & curriculum education to delivery of classes, staffing, marketing and student admissions.

  • Leadership training and coaching2017-2020

    Multiple clients, Netherlands

    After developing a methodology and toolkit for leadership training and team processes I am giving tailor-made workshops to a wide array of organizations. The workshops are very interactive, giving participants a strong sense of ownership of the final outcome. Except for workshops I have also provided coaching sessions for individuals, created workbooks and graphical models to aid the set purpose.

  • IT Coordinator Benelux2015-2016

    Sandvik Benelux, Amsterdam

    As IT Coordinator for Benelux I had the main responsibility for delivery of IT services to all internal customers in The Netherlands and Belgium. This included being the direct manager of IT resources i the country, and serve all (approx 800) internal end users with an array of IT services. The assignment included ownership of the IT budget, development of an IT service catalogue, deployment and execution of said services. In this role I worked closely together with managing directors of all individual sites, as well as the heads of other internal service organizations.

  • Moving the SMC HQ2014-2015

    Sandvik Mining, Amsterdam

    The first assignment for my Amsterdam-based management consultancy agency, B Nauclér Consulting, was to lead the move of the ICT infrastructure as Sandvik Mining moved to new headquarters. The project required a good sense of overview and coordination between multiple parties, as well as applying methods for both long-term planning and swift decision making.

  • Burning Land2013-2016

    South Africa

    Burning Land is the manifestation of my life dream; to establish a permanent settlement based on the principles of Burning Man. The project is currently in the startup phase; please visit for more information.

  • Kaospilots Cape Town organization2013

    Kaospilots, Cape Town

    Given the unique opportunity to design an organization consisting of 36 members I did work with many different ways of leadership, coordination, communication and process implementation. As a head of the organization my responsibilities included long term resource planning, motivation, mediation and evaluation.

  • Telefónica process consultation2012-2013

    Telefónica Digital, Barcelona.

    As a process manager at Telefónica Digital in Barcelona I have worked with the staff to create a better working environment, bridging the gaps between different departments and work groups and nurturing innovation throughout the organization. I have used coaching tools together with other interview techniques, created real life games and designed processes and interventions for the staff members.

  • Sumatran Orangutan Society2012

    Denmark, London and Indonesia

    As a project leader for a product development project for the Sumatran Orangutan Society my work tasks included coordination between a work group in three different time zones, product ideation and business plan development.

  • 1 Mile clock2011

    Burning Man, Nevada

    I was a part of the team who together with the artist Jim Bowers built the worlds largest clock. The record can be seen in Guinness book of world records under the title "Worlds largest timepiece".

  • Trafikverket - client migration2010

    Trafikverket ICT

    I had the role as a project administrator and sub-project manager when the Swedish railroad- and road network- authorities were merged to one organization. My role was to coordinate the migration of about 9000 client computers to a new system without disturbing the essential functionality; and providing the users with information about the new systems.

  • V2006

    Skinnskattebergs Folkhögskola

    I wrote and directed a theatre play where the whole manuscript is an alliteration on the letter V. I did also build the scenography, cast the actors, set up the lights and sound, and was involved in writing the music which was then performed live on stage.


  • Program manager2019-current

    Väddö Folkhögskola

    Developing and delivering educational programs under the general themes Entrepreneurship and Social change.

  • Lead startup trainer / advisor2017-2018


    As a startup advisor at DELITELABS I engaged in activities like program development, delivering trainings in Lean Startup and Leadership as well as providing individual and team coaching to course participants.

  • Project- & process leader2014-2020

    B Nauclér Consulting

    Shortly after moving to Amsterdam I started my own management consultancy. B Naucler Consulting delivers services within the fields of organizational development, project leadership, process leadership and coaching.

  • Project manager & administrator2009-2014

    Logica Infra / CGI

    My position at Logica Infra (later merged with CGI) developed to circle more and more around people and less around technological solutions. I was involved in multiple projects as a project manager or administrator. Customers include major phone companies and the Swedish government; projects have included service implementation, company merges and systemic organization-wide changes.

  • Technical systems administration2007-2009

    Logica Infra / Sandvik

    As a consultant from Logica my first assignment was on Sandvik IT where I did design and administrate systems for large scale data processing. I learned a lot about corporate culture, teamwork, organization and administration while further developing my technical skills.

  • Bartender2003-2004

    The Cheiftain & The Gregorian

    I spent about a year traveling the British isles and tending bars. A few cities I lived in during this time period are London, Oxford and Edinburgh. Here I trained my English, my customer service skills and did for the first time of my life get totally emerged in a non-Scandinavian culture.

  • Technichian / consultant / educator / administrator2000-2003

    Solvus Support AB

    My original position on Solvus Support AB in Järvsö, Sweden was as a support technician; receiving phone calls and resolving home computer issues. During my time within the company my role was expanded and I was working more with large scale networking equipment, doing consultant work and education. I did also administer the UNIX servers of the company. On Solvus i learned a lot about human interaction as I was primarily doing service work. I did also gain a lot of insight in the fields of technology and pedagogy.


  • Kaospilot; business, design & leadership2011-2014


    The Kaospilots is a school educating enterprising leaders; mainly focused on the fields of: creative project design, creative business design and creative process design. The education is hands-on by nature, and as a student at the school you meanwhile undertake projects for real-life clients. My main areas of focus have been in process design and the 'softer sides' of leadership.

  • Theatre; acting and directing2005-2006

    Skinnskattebergs Folkhögskola

    I undertook a multidisciplinary theatre education where I practiced mainly acting, but also directing, playwriting, sound and light setup and control etc.

  • Journalism and peace/conflict studies2004-2005

    Skinnskattebergs Folkhögskola

    As a part of the journalism studies I traveled to Northern Ireland and wrote for a magazine about the troubles. My special focus was the early history of Northern Ireland and how this laid the foundation for what happened in the 1900s.

  • Gymnasium - Natural sciences1998-2000

    Slottegymnasiet, Ljusdal

    Two years of Gymnasial (pre-graduatory) education within the field of natural sciences, specialized in technology and programming.


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